Since EPPM creation, we have been committed to increase our customers and stakeholders satisfaction according to business quality continuous improvement approach.

Our vision, today, is deeply focused toward sustainable development principles based on economic growth, social equity,health and safety protection of our employees and environment protection, with respect of applicable regulatory and contractual requirements.

In this context, our commitments are defined through the following axes:

I.      Stakeholders satisfaction

-  Customers, by ensuring active and vigilant listening to better respond to their expectations and increase their satisfaction,

-  Employees, by developing their technical and management skills through training, Awareness, coaching and providing needed resources and by promoting participation, dialogue and effective communication,

Shareholders, by ensuring results, allowing the development and business sustainability of our company,

Suppliers, by privileging, when selecting our partners, those who have the capacity to adhere to our policy and QHSE rules, in order to build real partnerships.

II.    Business development

- Maintain and develop our activities in local and international markets,

- Diversify our projects in term of target countries, customers, partnersand suppliers.

III.   Compliance with Regulatory, contractual andinternal requirements

- Respect the applicable regulatory requirements related to our business and periodically assess our conformity level,

- Respect contractual and normative obligations applicable in ouroperations,

- Undertake the application of our QHSE internal regulations.

IV. Health andsafety prevention at work and environment protection

- Organize training and Awareness sessions dealing with HSE operational concepts and perform systematically HSE inductions,

- Reinforce the follow-up and medical assistance for EPPM employees andpartners on projects,

- Assess and control operational risks related to all our activities,

- Protect the environment and control the wastes generated by our projects implementation.

V.  Cost Control

- Control the deadlines and the costs of our projects implementation and  process operating, 

- Protect our company patrimony, optimize our resources and reduce nonquality costs.

VI. Continuous improvement

- Inculcate EPPM values and develop QHSE culture for all our employees andpartners,

- Permanently improve our QHSE management system effectiveness,

- Renovate our information system through progressive computerization of our processes in order to acquire a better decision making system,

- Developing a useful and effective communication with stakeholders,

- Reinforce social responsibility inside EPPM.

           To meet our commitments, General Management, is engaged to provide necessary resources to achieve the goals fixedin the present policy.